October 20, 1978
Helen Shlein Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

A group of about twenty-five people joined me in an evening of events intended to stimulate awareness of our united energy fields. In the first half of the presentation we held hands in a circle and responded to taped instruction:



1. Focus your eyes on each member of the group for one minute.

2. Release a tremendous one-minute outburst.

3. Experience your group aura by internal visualization.

At intermission, people viewed the life energy charts that I had drawn for the presentation. The charts showed ancient Eastern and more recent Western concepts of the anatomy that allows us to live and think.  Viewers were advised to stand facing the charts as if looking into a mirror and to sense the systems in their own bodies.

During the second half of the evening, I presented some of the myriad scientific and religious theories of life energy. To end the presentation, I invited people to stay if they wished to witness the passing of life energy as I decapitated a rat. Some left and some stayed to observe the sacrifice.