April 17, 1982
Overland Theatre, Boston

A special gasoline powered circular drive vehicle was created for the Human Race performance. The base at one end of the device was bolted into the concrete floor with lead anchors. There was a wheel at the other end making the vehicle go around in a circle. The machine was equipped with a throttle to be hand operated from a supine position.

A skeleton was suspended below the radial bed. The audience sat within about two feet of the circle. Dressed in white, with a Yin Yang T-shirt and shaven head, I entered the space and pull-started the engine. The engine was very loud and filled the space with the smell of gasoline. I laid down on the machine bed, engaged the motor, coasted to a stop, got off and pull-started it again.

The engine failed a number of times before it finally started running smoothly. Finally, the vehicle started and accelerated quickly, spinning around the circle at 25 to 30 m.p.h. until, suddenly, the base ripped out of the concrete. The machine was out of control heading toward the audience. Everyone screamed. The machine stopped when I killed the engine and stood up.