March 26, 1983
Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut

This performance consisted of three sculptures activated by fire.

The first was a photo mural of my face, behind which was a praying skeleton with a propane torch coming out of its third eye. I lit the torch and it burned through the third eye of the photo mural.

The second sculpture was a totem/urn. I read a passage from the Holy Bible, then set it into the urn and ignited it. I repeated this procedure of reading and burning with the Qur’an and the Bhagavad Gita. After the books had been burned, I mingled the ashes together, then rubbed them on my body.

For the third sculpture, I sat on the floor and lit candles over the heads of seven skulls before me. A skeleton above me burst into flames and firecrackers went off in its skull.

Music and chanting of Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim religions were intermixed and interwoven throughout the performance so that several layers of sound were occurring simultaneously.